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Hi, I am Mohit

I can improve your online presence by 360°.

Helped Clients To Generate over 1 Million+ Revenue Via Google & Facebook paid ads.

Mohit Soni - Certified Paid Media Buying Specialist
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What Can I Do For You?

Please be aware I can improve your overall Brand presence online. 
I can create content strategy & marketing plans that can improve metrics that are important for your business growth.

Search Engine Optimization

I can optimize your websites, landing pages, e-commerce product pages to rank higher on the search results pages.

Paid Ads & CRO

I can help you to make more conversions for your products or services using the power of paid advertisements.

Social Media Marketing

All your potential customers are already using social media, I can help you to reach your potential customers using social media.

Mohit Soni - Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Bangalore
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Who is Mohit Soni? Know More About Me!

I am a Certified Paid Media Buying Specialist and I have strong numbers to support my Digital Marketing skills which I have achieved throughout my Digital Marketing journey.

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Skills and Experience.

I have hands of experience in various Fields & Tools of Digital Marketing.

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Content Marketing


Graphic Design


Social Media



SEO & Content Marketing
Social Media
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